Health and Wellbeing Board

Leicestershire’s Health and Wellbeing Board is made up of local councillors, GPs, health and social care officials and representatives of patients and the public. The board was set up to lead and direct work to improve the health and wellbeing of the population of Leicestershire through the development of improved and integrated health and social care services.

Leicestershire Health and Wellbeing Board

The Role and function of the Health and Wellbeing Board

  • To identify needs and priorities across Leicestershire, and publish and refresh the Leicestershire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) so that future commissioning/policy decisions and priorities are based on evidence.
  • To prepare and publish a Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy and Plan on behalf of the County Council and its partner clinical commissioning groups so that work is done to meet the needs identified in the JSNA in a co-ordinated, planned and measurable way.
  • In conjunction with all partners, to communicate and engage with local people in how they can achieve the best possible quality of life and be supported to exercise choice and control over their personal health and wellbeing.
  • To approve the Better Care Fund Plan including a pooled budget used to transform local services so people are provided with better integrated care and support together with proposals for its implementation.
  • To have oversight of the use of relevant public sector resources to identify opportunities for the further integration of health and social care services.

Members of the Health and Wellbeing Board

  • Louise Richardson CC – Chairman of the Leicestershire Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Christine Radford CC – Cabinet Lead Member for Adult Social Care, Leicestershire County Council
  • Deborah Taylor CC – Lead Member for Children and Young People, Leicestershire County Council
  • Andy Williams – Chief Executive for LLR Integrated Care Board
  • Rachna Vyas – Chief Operating Officer LLR Integrated Care Board
  • John Sinnott – Chief Executive of Leicestershire County Council
  • Mike Sandys -Director of Public Health, Leicestershire County and Rutland
  • Jon Wilson – Director of Adults and Communities, Leicestershire County Council
  • Jane Moore – Director of Children and Family Services, Leicestershire County Council
  • Councillor Jeffrey Kaufman – District Councillor
  • Cllr Cheryl Cashmore – District Councillor
  • Edd de Coverly – Chief Executive of Melton Borough Council and District Representative
  • Rupert Matthews – Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Angela Hillery – Chief Executive Leicestershire Partnership Trust
  • Mark Powell – Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Leicestershire Partnership Trust
  • Harsha Kotecha – Healthwatch Leicester and Leicestershire
  • Gemma Barrow – Healthwatch Leicester and Leicestershire
  • Dr Nikhil Mahatma – Clinical Lead, Leicestershire
  • Simon Barton – Deputy Chief Executive University Hospitals of Leicester
  • Ch. Supt. Jonny Starbuck – Leicestershire Police

Meeting agendas and minutes

For all the agendas, reports and minutes from previous meetings, including a list of dates for forthcoming meetings, please visit:

Key documents relating to the Health and Wellbeing Board can be found here:

This video helps explain the strategy and what it means.

Click on these links to access the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2022-32, the Easy Read version and ‘plan on a page’ summary document.

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