Home First

Home First services support people to remain in their homes when they are having a health or social care crisis rather than needing to go into hospital or a care home. Home First Services also help people get home from hospital quickly and provide them with rehabilitation and reablement to help restore their health, wellbeing and independence.

‘Home First’ is an overarching principle of the whole Sustainability and Transformation Plan, which requires all teams and individuals involved in health and care to ask “why is this person not at home?” and “how best can we keep this person at home?”

Our aims are to ensure;

  • Rapid, timely discharge from hospital
  • Prevention of avoidable admission to hospital
  • Reductions to the length of hospital stays
  • Prevention of readmission to hospital
  • Promotion of rehabilitation, recovery and reablement to help restore health, wellbeing and independence
  • Reduce admissions to residential care homes
  • Diagnosis and interpretation of test results in a community setting where possible
  • Better communication and joined up working between health, social care, voluntary sector and housing
  • Improved patient experience and wellbeing

Why Home First?

We know that being at home with the right support is the best way for people to stay well. Evidence shows that people who are in hospital for more than 10 days are less likely to be able to go home and be as independent as they were. Doctors estimate that for older people, 10 days bed rest can be the equivalent of 10 years muscle wastage. Therefore it is vitally important that people leave hospital and go home as quickly as possible once their treatment is completed.


For further information on:

Integration Enquires contact  Lisa Carter, Interim Programme Manager email Lisa.Carter@leics.gov.uk

Service Enquires contact CSC (customer service centre) 0116 305 0004.