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Are you aged 65 or over?

You can learn how to stay independent, reduce your risk of falling, get more active and improve your health and social life.

Experiencing a fall is one of the major reasons for concern expressed by adults over the age of 65. A fall can have a significant impact on quality of life and 35% of over 65’s will experience at least one fall in a year. This figure rises to over 50% for the over 80 age group.

Staying connected to your community and friends, keeping active and eating healthily are all important to maintaining your health, wellbeing and independence.

Many falls and trips are preventable. A wide range of information, advice and exercises to help you stay well and active to reduce your risk of a fall are available. For more information see our useful links below:

Health and Care Leicestershire – Preventing Falls

The Preventing Falls leaflet has a range of useful tips and exercises you can do safely at home.

Leicestershire based resources

Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport (LRS)

Active Charnwood YouTube channel


Age UK

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)


If you want to share this information with someone who doesn’t speak English

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Our top tips

Three things you can do today to make a difference to your health, well-being and independence

Stay well

  • Eat healthily and regularly

Stay active

  • Sit less, try to do activities to increase your strength and balance everyday like walking, gardening, shopping or dancing

Stay connected

  • Learning and volunteering can help you stay active in your local community

Case Study

“I’m a fairly active chap and never considered myself to be one of those people who fall over and injure themselves – that is what older people did. I picked up one of the leaflets about the Falls Prevention support service and suddenly realised this was aimed at me!

I filled in the self-assessment and was surprised to learn that I was likely to fall and hurt myself in the near future. I was provided with advice and exercise suggestions designed to make falling over less likely. I learned that by making small changes around my home such as moving rugs and changing my shoes, I could make a huge difference to the likelihood of me falling over. I was advised to ask my GP to review all of my medicines to make sure they were not making me sluggish and arrangements were made for me to see a specialist therapist for further advice and assessment.”

“I always read about how many people fall at home then end up in hospital and some never make a full recovery. I know it’s up to me to put all I have learned into practice, but I’m determined not to become another falls statistic!”

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