Reducing Loneliness

1 in 10 people aged over 65 report loneliness.

Working together we want to combat loneliness and improve the lives of people in Leicestershire, so that less people feel lonely.

To raise awareness of the issues associated with social isolation we’re asking people to take part in our ‘post it, pledge it, mean it’ campaign which involves people making a pledge to someone or something to help reduce loneliness.

We all have a role in keeping others safe and spotting the signs if something is out of the ordinary. There are lots of different ways you can help to support someone. You could…

  • Have a chat once a week
  • Share a pot of tea
  • Help with transport to social activities
  • Listen to stories and share memories
  • Help with jobs around the house
  • Help with technology so that they can use the internet and mobile phones
  • Play games and do crosswords
  • Share problems or concerns
  • Provide information on local activities and social clubs

Get involved

To take part simply write your pledge in the comments box at the bottom  or tweet us @LeicsHWB using #quitloneliness stating how you are going to provide support to someone you know. Please feel free to tag friends and spread the word to encourage others to take part too.

Together we want to reduce loneliness and encourage more people to keep mentally active.

It’s important to remember that someone can feel lonely despite being surrounded by friends or family.

Find out about how to spot the signs of loneliness and help us spread the word about our campaign 


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