National briefings and publications

Below are a number of resources that relate to national health and care integration initiatives. Download the latest BCF integration resources PDF. For previous issues, follow the link to the archive

BCF Integration Resources Summary – February 2020

BCF Integration Resources Summary – January 2020

BCF Integration Resources Summary – September 2019

BCF Integration Resources Summary – August 2019

BCF Integration Resources Summary – June 2019

BCF Integration Resources Summary – May 2019

Or follow the links to the reports, papers or webpages through each of the articles listed for more detail about that particular subject matter.

CQC Report: State of care

Reducing the pressures on hospitals

The Nuffield Trust: Understanding patient flow through hospitals

Health & Wellbeing and the criminal justice system

The King’s Fund Integrated Care Summit 2016

Better local care manual – Hampshire

New care models: Emerging innovations

New models of care: MCPs, PACS and care homes

Care homes – a blog by William Roberts

Self care nation: Self care attitudes and behaviours in the UK

DFG Champions roadshows 2016

Royal College of Occupational Therapists report: Reducing the pressure on hospitals

The social value difference in health and care commissioning

Effective health and wellbeing: 10 case studies

Evaluation of an intervention to prevent falls

What can the NHS learn from elsewhere?

Delivering more sustainable health and care

Efficiency opportunities through health and social integration

LGA Report: Transforming social care through the use of information and technology


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