Falls prevention

In Leicestershire thousands of people are injured each year in falls. Apart from the pain, discomfort and inconvenience, the after effects of a fall can be life changing.

Our aim is to offer both professionals and patients the tools they need to ensure that the most appropriate course of action is taken to help each individual maintain their independence and remain in the community. These include:

  • The new Falls Triage and Assessment process across the county that continues to improve access to therapy for patients and patient outcomes.
  • LPT and county adult social care working together to develop seamless therapy and falls prevention training to care home staff.
  • The development of the electronic Falls Risk Assessment Tool (eFRAT) app
  • The development of the new falls prevention pathway

The initial prototype of the eFRAT app was created at a hackathon for health and assisted living organised by Dr Samad Ahmadi from De Montfort University with funding from DS-Cubed limited. These types of event provide an excellent model of collaboration between universities and service providers. They are a brilliant problem solving exercise for developers, volunteers and students. At a hackathon they work together to design and build a solution with a prototype app or technology developed for the service provider at no cost.

The video below explains how the eFRAT app works.

Partners have also produced a leaflet offering people advice on looking after their health and wellbeing to help them prevent or reduce their risk of a fall.